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Training Courses
  • Road Show Event - Dentist

    $149.00Ex Tax

  • Road Show Event - Therapist

    $149.00Ex Tax

  • Symposium Registration - Doctor

    $1,500.00Ex Tax

  • Symposium Registration - Spouse

    $250.00Ex Tax

  • Symposium Registration - Staff Member

    $700.00Ex Tax

  • "Now You Have Magic Braces" Pk50 & "Congratulations" Pk50 Bundle

    No patient should be without these vital information booklets. Patient information is key to patients progressing through treatment and into retention smoothly. The "Now You Have Magic Braces" booklet thoroughly details how patients should care for their braces, diet restrictions, how to brush, breakages, and FAQs. The "Congratulations" booklet covers the patient's retention phase including the importance of retainers, how to clean retainers, and when to come back for retention visits.

    $150.00Ex Tax

  • A2 Wall Poster

    Promote Smilefast Magic Braces to everyone who walks in your practice with our giant A2 wall poster. The poster communicates the three key patient benefits along with a life-size model wearing the Smilefast Braces, which allows patients to clearly see how clear and discreet the braces are.

    $26.95Ex Tax

  • A4 desk poster with stand

    Our eye-catching desk poster promotes the three key patient benefits of Smilefast Magic Braces, providing you with an ideal point of reference when discussing treatment with your patients. Includes a sleek clear stand.

    $17.95Ex Tax

  • Brochure Stand, Brochures, Posters

    This 2-tier brochure stand allows the Magic Braces patient brochure to feature prominently in your practice. Made of durable clear plastic, the stand is also wall mountable.

    $25.00Ex Tax

  • Computerised Indirect Bonding

    Enjoy stress-free bracket placement with Smilefast's exclusive Computerised Indirect Bonding.

    $1,299.00Ex Tax

  • Magic Braces Typodont

    Nothing beats having the physical product in your hands when discussing Magic Braces with a patient. Show your patients exactly how discreet and attractive Magic Braces are by letting them see the braces up close in person. This typodont also helps demonstrate the various components and functionality of Magic Braces, while also being a helpful training tool for your staff.

    $150.00Ex Tax

  • Patient Brochures, 100 Pack

    The Magic Braces patient brochure informs your patients on all commonly asked questions on Magic Braces, from "How Do Magic Braces Work?" to "Are Magic Braces Ideal For Me?". Before and After photos are also included which demonstrate how quick and effective the treatment is. Space on the back is provided to include your logo and contact details.

    $100.00Ex Tax

  • Smilefast Before & After Book

    Show your patients the amazing results achieved with Smilefast. An absolute must for every waiting room and consultation room, this high gloss A4 30 page book features 20 amazing before and after photos - including patient "Journey" stories where they explained their experience with Smilefast and the difference it's made in their life. Also included is detailed information on how the braces work, the technology behind Smilefast, getting started, and FAQ's. This book truly does the selling for you as seeing is believing!

    $0.00Ex Tax

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